Reiki is a safe, relaxing hands-on therapy and each experience is unique and suited specifically to the individual. This ancient Tibetan system of natural healing was re-discovered and developed further - in the 19th Century - by Dr Mikao Usui (a Japanese Buddhist).  The word Reiki is pronounced ‘ray-key’ and the Kanji (Japanese Characters) translate as:


‘Rei’ – Universal/Divine Spirit or Love

‘Ki’ – Energy                


Reiki is the Universal Life Energy or vital life-force energy that flows through every living thing, also known as ‘Ki’ or ‘Chi’.  It is channelled through the touch of the Reiki practitioner using specific hand placement techniques.Reiki is non-manipulative, non-diagnostic and does not promise a cure. It is a process of healing which takes place as required for each individual.


What does Reiki do?

Reiki Energy Healing unlocks, restores and balances your energy flow to promote stress reduction, relaxation and positive wellness. Reiki works on multiple levels to assist the healing process of the mind, body and Spirit and works remarkably well preventing further decline in health and well-being.


The White Light Express Team can arrange to come to you in special circumstances but usually, work from home.



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