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The origin story of Makoha Miri Miri

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

This video explores the story of Waikirenga as the origin of the Makoha Miri Miri told by Pungaereere - the Makoha girl. This is an amazing indigenous Māori wellness massage.

Mirimiri is a therapeutic massage with a difference… taking Wellness to another level.Take the time to honour and connect with yourself to bring out the real you. When you choose this deeply relaxing massage, you will feel uplifted, lighter and different in that you have shifted closer to your original vibration.

In our teachings, Mirimiri is the support for Romiromi, or the massage therapy to assist the Romiromi. It is also the korero (talk, counselling) that accompanies the bodywork which enables you to breath better and work with your practitioner to release any energy or emotional blockages.

You will experience tension-release as muscles relax with soft to deep tissue massage giving you more body freedom and space for an increased flow of energy as spiritual energies flow through to envigorate and protect the body.

Mirimiri can be a stand alone treatment, or a therapeutic massage with our native kawakawa oil. Sometimes Kawakawa branches will be used over the body to assist in the healing process, or the leaves used as a poultice for detoxification.

Choose Mirimiri for a deep relaxation and de-stressing massage. Your practitioner will work intuitively to maximise the best outcome, benefits and restorative experience for you.

For your first traditional Māori massage treatment, a combination of both Mirimiri massage and Romiromi is a popular choice.

The aim of both Mirimiri and Romiromi is to balance your physical and mental energies as well as your spiritual energies, your Mauri (life principal, life essence) and Wairua (Spirit).

Mirimiri can be likened to a gentle caress from the beginning of time or the vibrational exchange between Papatuanuku (Earth Mother) and Hinemoana (Goddess of the Sea).

Kia tau te rangimarie Kia horahia te marino Kia whakapapa pounamu te moana Kia tere te karohirohi i mua i to haurahi

May peace be with you, may the calm be widespread May the sea glisten like greenstone May the sun always dance across your path

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